Polly LILA Behringer


My mission is to help others break through patterns that have been holding them back from reaching the life they want to live.  As a highly intuitive person with an empathetic ear, I'm able to pick up on things others... including yourself may overlook. 


Together, I'm able to help you determine and specify your goals, create a plan of action to meet them while providing you support and accountability.  I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a background in a variety of holistic modalities. 


Integrative Nutrition is a combination of areas that include; physical activity, relationships, home environment, creativity, nutrition, education, your finances, career, social life... and the level of JOY you allow yourself to experience... These are keys to finding a happy, fulfilled, balanced life.

I've traveled around the world to study, graduated from immersion programs and worked alongside founders of unconventional modalities to create a foundation to help others move pass physical / emotional pains from tension and trauma.  Combined with guided coaching, my programs help you tap into your creative side, uncover your true passions and discover that your life is only a few decisions away.

I've traveled and studied around the world helping others to help reset their bodies and release the stressors holding them back physically, emotionally & energetically.  Specializing in Integral Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Quantum Energetic Realignment, Tension / Trauma Release and Integrative Nutrition for the body, mind & spirit.

  • Yoga Nidra at the Satchidananda Ashram – Yogaville, VA

  • Integral Yoga at the Institute of Integral Yoga in Coimbatore, India.  

  • Trauma Release 2014-2017 under D. Bercelli & Paul Darby

  • Energetic Realignment & Release (Quantum Touch) under Alita Tahimic 

  • Life Coaching: Body / Soul Nutrition & Goal Setting at Integrative Nutrition at IIN, Institute of Integrative Nutrition

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My advice....


Being 49 yrs old allows me the perspective to look back on my life and realized, I am so capable of so much.  I didn't fully dive into WHO I AM until my late forties...  And the advice I'd give is to never look back... or slow down.  We are all capable beings living in (physical / mental / energetic) bodies by our own design.

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