Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not.  Add what is uniquely your own.

- Bruce Lee

"The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness."

- Sakyong MIpham

Who am I? 


I'm a dedicated confidant with "unrealistic" goals... Because REALISTIC means there are limits. 


BUT  our REALITY is determined by our preconceived belief system we inherit from our peers.  Our REALITY is based on our CURRENT perception of things.

I'm a crusher of those things.  And I want you to believe beyond what you've told!

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Ariel Cullison

Finding balance... for me is unifying both my physical & mental health.  Both are a reflection of each other. 


I am an AUTISTIC adult, so I am aware of certain areas in my life that I must work daily on to stay healthy mentally & physically. 


The main differences between being autistic and those who are not is the increased "sugar" cravings and the feeling of overwhelm or chaos when there is no schedule or routine.  And this is why, I am perfect in helping others breakdown where their obstacles are, stick to a routine and be held accountable to reaching their goals.

Why train with me?...

I've never been conventional... And that is the reason why what I do works!

I train with the best in my field and work everyday to grow.  I grew up with boxing in my blood and the benefits of using the STEEL MACE is parallel to none.  

I grew up learning to love "sports".  For me it was more than be active, it was being part of a community and having "friends".  I'm autistic, and being social never came easy.  Nothing I did was ever easy.  For the first 19yrs of my life, I didn't even know I was autistic. It wasn't something on the forefront.  So I worked alongside my mother to help me develop the social skills needed to high school.  Once I went off to college, I began to lose all my scholarships and that is when I was diagnosed.  Without a structured routine, I began to crumble.  My inability to understand the format of how college "worked" left me feeling lost... losing all the scholarships I had worked hard to receive.

Why being autistic makes me a POWERFUL coach & trainer?

  • my ability to HOLD myself and others ACCOUNTABLE is part of my dynamics

  • my ability to UNDERSTAND the need for a daily routine is an integral part of the reaching a goal

  • my ability to HOLD us both TO A SCHEDULE without wiggle room makes me make you accountable to showing up.

  • my ability to be black and white about things allows you to see the BIGGER WHY and get past your blockages & remove excuses

  • my ability to SEE THE END RESULT is powerful so you don't forget