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Be a part of the this powerful experience of a SILENT WALKING MEDITATION.  Revive your senses as you take in the sun's first rays of sunlight. Breathing Practice, Guided Grounding Meditation & Silent Walking Meditation with Handpan music in background. Not suitable for children & pets.  Location may change weekly.  

This is a weather permitting.  Please check with the Meet Up app under Small Steps to Big Changes Group.  DUE TO WEATHER IT HAS BEEN POSTPONED FOR NOW.


This is a physical practice that allows you to tap into your inner warrior.  You will be using mind-body connection and breath work.Beginning with a 10min set up and MEET, GREET & ASK (any questions) you may have.  Then we'll go into a few mobility stretches,  followed by the "BREATH OF FIRE" breathing practicing.  You'll learn some foundation stances with the steel mace and we'll incorporate each stance into a flow... and then it really gets exciting!


You'll access muscles you may rarely use in any physical activity.   Class will last about 50mins total with a cool down at the end.  At the end of class, please feel free to ask any questions & if you'd like to take a pic with the instructor & your steel mace you'll have an opportunity then!

Learn more about the Steel Mace on IG @steelmaceoklahoma

This is a weather permitting.  Please check with the Meet Up app under Small Steps to Big Changes Group


TUESDAY, 9/17 (6:15PM - 7:30PM)

Midwest City Library - Forum Room (find us on Eventbrite)

Many people use their current weight as a barometer for happiness, how well things are going or not going.  But that's not true.  That is just the tip of the sword.  I want to you move through "your" obstacles and view them not as things to overcome, but things to celebrate.  The MORE we want to change; the MORE our bodies resist and hold onto the "weight". 

We'll dive in deep into helpful tips along with easy guides to assist you with nutrition, why your body holds onto weight (it's not about the diet or the workout) and MOST IMPORTANTLY finding / creating balance in your life.  And we're not just talking about work & family balance.  We are striving for creative balance too.  Becoming the person you want to be... ONE SMALL STEP at a time!

Raise Your Frequency through Your Breath

Okc Spirit Fair, on Saturday Sept 28 at 1pm 

We'll cover the power of different breathing practices and its effects on the mind and your ANS (autonomic nervous system). Learn how you can raise your frequency and increase the energy released from your heart just by adjusting your breath. By increasing your "heart energy" you are able to change the heart's magnetic field and raise your vibration.


Learn to get unstuck from situations that seem to weigh you down, just by adjusting your breath. Begin to understand how an uncontrolled or out of control breath can interrupt you from connecting to your inner spirit & higher self.

Experience a breathing practices to help you meditate and ground yourself allow you to tap into your personal power. As a group you'll be able to participate in a guided grounding meditation & a seated Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and feel the experience first hand.

Join us - bring a friend -

Okc Spirit Fair, Sept 28-29, 11am-6pm SAt and Sun.
Special night time hours, Sat night, 7-9pm adults only, 21+. 
Wyndham Garden, 2101 S Meridian, OKC OK 73108 $6 adm



Location TBD - Okc metro area


Each month will have a different theme answering important questions such as: What do I want to do (experiences), What will it take (skills) & How do I want to grow (from this undertaking).

You'll be supplied with pre-painted, sun rising over the Himalayas in shades of blue on a  11x14 canvas, mini cork board, thumbtacks, glue, paint pens, markers, preprinted verses   you'll be able to choose from, magazines, "let our FAITH be bigger than your fear" tassle, white note cards... AND most importantly GUIDANCE.  I'll show you creative ways to add to your board based on your ideas & your own personality.


This class is limited to 10 people at this time.  Once you RSVP and prepay for the event, I'll reach out to you personally via email with more details.  If you need help uncovering your ultimate adventure; I will definitely be there for you!  I'll provide you with exercises & questions to help you uncover adventures that you once dreamed of doing but may have forgotten... or thinking... maybe "someday".  Or just root you on from the sidelines... because you already know what your adventure is! The personal email will cover more of this!


Each month will have a different painted canvas aligning with the Vision Board Canvas Class meetup. This class is a way of cultivating & documenting your life as YOU want it to unfold.  The canvas is thin enough to store away in a keepsake box for future generations to see or hang up.  And the quality of your completed artwork will leave you very proud....


This is unlike other vision board groups.  Trust me... It's not just about making a board... It's about uncovering that amazing adventure within you, having someone cheer you on, give you some real work to uncover what may be holding you back and supplying you with the tools to go out and TACKLE THAT MOUNTAIN!


Cost is $40 + $3.78 fee for MeetUp payment services



Nov 2nd & 3rd

I am honored to be part of this amazing first time in Oklahoma Women's Empowering Event!  

I'll be sharing the amazing practice of Meditation; breaking down the myths behind this important practice and the leading them on a journey of tapping into their higher power!

Polly LILA Behringer

Your Life by Design