Handmade adjustable in length Bohemium necklace with wood-burned mandala artwork & Agate Stone.  The Agate stone helps you during your process of change, instability or stress by giving you support and stability to stay centered through it all.    Compared to other gemstones in the mineral kingdom, Agate properties radiate a lower, more gentle frequency, which makes them an ideal piece for someone looking to slow down and get centered. #vegan

Chakra & Gemstone handmade Bohemian necklace

SKU: Mandala Boho Agate Necklace
  • Just like other jewelry, taking care of your special items leads to the longevity of your peice.  Hang after wearing.  During Full Moons lay in the moonlight to cleanse your stone.  I hang my pieces near open windows and plants during this time.

  • There are no returns or refunds.  Each item is made with care.  But if something does happen within the 1st 2 weeks, please contact me and I will fix it.  I want you to be happy with the item.  Strings in the tassles may come lose over time, simply tighten them. It's an easy piece.