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My books and Wolf Teeth

Showing off my books and my (real) teeth!

I’ve had my books for decades.. I’ve been given some from my dad... and accumulated many over the last 20 yrs. I scribble in them, tuck leaves away between the pages, dog eared the corners marking areas I promised to go back to... But I felt the knowledge was lost on me... I hated my memory and reading a page left me feeling dumb, forgetful... and "not smart."

And ONLY NOW am I truly beginning to learn from them.

My teeth... I had those canine teeth that came out over other teeth... leaving me looking like a wolf. I would smile and not care... I felt this was it.. This is how I would always be... and I made peace with it. Sometime in junior high, my parents took me to an orthodontist and he looked into my mouth... made some references to me being wolf girl... and we laughed. I had already shaken hands with the person inside me and learned to love her as is.

Now that is power!

He commended me on my outlook and offered to my parents FULL DENTAL CARE... and BRACES at no charge. He spoke to the office manager and if I came after school to clean up the offices and take out the trash; they would call it even.

Looking back, I understood the power of energy... What you send out, you receive... DOUBLE!

So did I get braces?...


My mom declined the offer and took me to another dentist and asked them to REMOVE ALL MY TEETH and give me dentures.

I've made peace with the blockages in my brain.

We are genetically encoded to survive... at ANY COST. And if that cost came at the price of "not remembering" then that was a gift. Because maybe remembering would be more self disruptive than the knowing at that time.

NOW, I invest in books, podcasts, games to grow my brain in areas that had been damaged by the self limiting belief that I WAS NOT SMART... I'm beginning to remember more and more and not turn away.

You see, I believe we intuitively know all the things we have read before... All the life lessons we are given is just a way of playing chess with your current life and the life you want to live. We are all destined for greatness; but our human bodies "limit" us by the very idea of "saving" us.

We all have the power to heal ourselves... build back mental bridges that were torn down and cross over into the life that is waiting for us.

Helpful tips to tap in and let go:






Much Love,

Polly Lila Behringer

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