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5 Minutes to Enlightenment

Let's be serious; it's all about perception. But that catchy header gave you the power to believe it's possible... So why not go ahead and believe it.

The key word being "to" in the header... and not the end goal, the word Enlightenment.

So let's begin our journey. Because nothing of value came without understanding and effort. It's the journey that makes every great story worth telling. And every one of us has a great story waiting to be told or has yet to be written.

It's been proven that every person emits energy not just through movement, but through their thoughts. Brain frequencies, personal space, the radiating heart field and the energy we choose to emit; those words alone probably turned half my readers off. But with scientific proof behind it, many of you may be inclined to read on...

Emotions are just energy with feelings. We emanate body heat and that's energy... So why is it hard to believe that those vibes aren't real. How many times have you met someone and just a got a vibe about them? Good or bad, it doesn't really matter... You felt something. That feeling was real. It wasn't a tangible, "I can touch and hold it" kind of real but what you felt was. Like words that hold weight so do the energy that people put off. And the energy we put off affects not just ourselves, but others around us. Some people's vibes are so powerful, you can feel it from a distance in their voice over the phone.

How strong is our emotions? It's been proven that the heart is more powerful than the brain; about 100,000 times stronger electrically and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically. Our thoughts and emotions affect our heart's magnetic field; which energetically affects those in our environment.. around us.. whether or not we are conscious and aware of it.

Think about how many times you've been near someone and walked away feeling completely drained? Conversation felt heavy maybe moved in a negative or sad direction. Maybe they needed to just "vent" because you make them feel better. Bottom line, they needed your energy. There was an exchange happening and you might not have been aware of it... but you felt it later.

It has been recently discovered that there are actually five not four brain frequencies. Each with its own set of characteristics representing a specific level of brain activity and a state of consciousness. Each brain frequency is measured in cycles per second (Hz) and each one is divided up in ranges based on Hz. I know that's kind of deep... But each range is like a neighborhood, so where is it you want to live?

Most adults operate / function in the Beta state, a frequency between 14-40 Hz. It's considered the "Waking Consciousness & Reasoning Wave'" but also creatively called the Nagging Inner Critic. The higher you are in this range the louder your inner critic becomes. While this is an important state to help you function through out the day by allowing you to apply critical reasoning and logic it also translates that energy into stress, anxiety and sometimes a feeling of restlessness. It's like when you feel something is off, but can't seem to put your finger on it leaving the world to be a little off kilter.

There's an old saying, "Birds of a feather flock together," but we're not birds. Most of us are just easily swayed that's all.

We haven't practiced vibrating at the energetic level we desire to be in. It's true some people seem to crave chaos. And when you're near someone like that, your vibrational pattern can change and match theirs. Especially if they're a seasoned practitioner of vibrating at a frequency that creates chaos. For some there seems to be a sense of excited that moves in that state. Those that spend most of their time in the Beta state become well practiced in emitting those brainwaves like fast moving ripples of energy coming off of them. And because of this, it is possible to overlap one person's energy with another's.

If you look at the brain waves in each state, you can see the differences in each state. The Beta brain frequency movements are short, condensed, frantic waves sandwhiched together that appear / are strong and unrelenting... There's no slowing down... And for most people being in this state of confusion is better than having to take a moment and be with themselves. Hear themselves. That can be scary. It's like walking into a room (in your head) and feel like everyone (all versions of you) are staring and picking away at you. But now imagine, all these versions looking at you lovingly. Like I said, it's perception and perception changes everything.

So, what's the first step? Take a deep breath (count to four), exhale (count to four), take several more and be ready to change your mind just by slowing your breath. The first step is knowing you have the ability to change what is to what you want. And if you doubt that, know that it's scientifically proven that you can.. So don't believe the voices in your head or the chatter of people around you. Being aware is the first step. The second is breathing.

Don't worry, I'm not leaving you hanging. This is just the first of more to come...

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