• Ariel Cullison

EAT THE SUN and feed your soul!

How we start our day sets the tone of the day. Rising to meet the day before the rest of the world wakes is important to setting the tone for your life. Let the day rule you, and you'll feel the day speeding by or creep by... depending on wether or not you're enjoying your day at all.

Which leads us down another path... So, let's stay on track and talk about EATING THE SUN.

But first know that I use the words God & Universe interchangeably. I do not consider one faith or belief system more or less than another. So, let's continue because this practice is amazing!

EATING THE SUN is a form of taking in the sun's energy BEFORE & DURING the sunrise. The hours of twilight is one of the most powerful times. It's when the rest of the world is sleeping and the universe is fully available to you. Yes, I know when it is morning here... it is night somewhere else. And that the Universe is always available to you. But the energy and connection is at it's highest vibration during this time. Consider this time Cosmic Peak hours.

To EAT THE SUN, you'll be able to take in the Sun's energy.... You must be outside and without the aid of glasses. Staring off into the horizon as you wait for the sun to begin it's ascension into the morning sky. The safest time to look at the Sun is no later than 30 minutes after the sun rises (and within 30 minutes before it sets). This time frame is considered the SAFE ZONE, as your eyes will take in little to no UV rays.

EATING THE SUN is an ancient practice that aids in physical and spiritual awakening...

enhancement and downloading of knowledge from God / the Universe it's self. It is scientifically proven to change you on a physiological level. Some say 3rd eye and some say Pineal Gland; call it what you will but it is a powerful Gland... and that is for another blog. Just know that the Pineal Gland along with the Pituitary Gland are called MASTER GLANDS for a reason.

The sun has super powerful effects on the Pineal Gland... just like sugar and caffeine does... Some things in life causes calcification of this gland... and EATING THE SUN (among other things) decalcify it. It is scientific fact that the sun HELPS decalcifies the PINEAL GLAND. The average size of Pineal Gland is way smaller than someone who has been practicing EATING THE SUN for a while. It's also proven that the PINEAL GLAND shrinks after puberty.

I'm seriously keeping this blog "light" as I'm trying to introduce you to a practice and not scare you away by blogging about all the metaphysical benefits... So this is just THE FIRST blog in a sequence of EATING THE SUN. I wanted to fill you in on the proven facts first... and then unleash the mind blowing awesomeness of what it will do for you in the next one!

Much Love,

Polly Behringer

IG: @thegreybadass

p.s. I typed super fast... and did not proof read! If there are errors... let them be. Someone needed this information and I'm glad the universe said, GET IT OUT THERE POLLY!