• Polly Behringer, Meditation & Yoga Teacher

2 Reasons to Consider Fasting

Is it worth it?... yes...

Until I went to India to study yoga, I never considered a full day of fasting... and never thought about liquid fasting. Probably because I didn't know anyone that actually did this... But here I was... fasting every Thursdays as part of our routine. The first couple of hours were brutal back then. I thought I was literally going to whither and pass out...

Funny thing, I didn't... I had enough stored in my system that I could easily make it through the day and part of the following morning.


On a regular day, our digestive system gets more food than it can process. So... it prioritizes and digests only the most essential food elements that comes down the pipe. The other food parts are saved for later.... in your body.

Our body is NOT a fridge... Our body temperature hits that unprocessed food in our system like a warm Oklahoma day, right around 98 degrees... It's like keeping left overs from lunch in your car on a hot day... And then deciding to eat it after it sets for a few hours in the backseat... or worse.. forgetting about it... leaving it to rot (and it does... in our system).

And here's where the problem begins.... It never gets to digest the rest of the food stored for later... because it's always getting new food. So the gross part... that unprocessed food converts to fat... or just rots in the body (think of those leftovers in the backseat). So if we're fasting... we allow our stomach the time to digest all the leftovers in our body!

Fasting improves the effectiveness of our digestive system AND to gives it a break... I mean, it works nonstop for us even when we're not eating!

In the beginning, I was more "mentally" hungry than "actually" hungry.


Fasting changes YOUR RELATIONSHIP to food. Sometimes we just "think" we're hungry; when really we're just bored or dehydrated. When we abstain from food, our senses come alive... And those senses trigger the desire in us to eat certain foods at certain times to satisfy those senses. Ever heard of comfort food? Being aware of what we eat, what we crave and when we crave it shines a huge light on our attitude towards food.

Each week, I felt a new emotional excuse to back out... But birds of a feather, flock together... And we were all there for the same purpose... to embrace what YOGA has to offer! And not just the physical practice, all of it.... the mental, emotional & spiritual sides as well. Who knew it would transform my life? I'm much more physically active, dropped a lot of weight, eat healthier, improved my memory... and have a clearer vision of my future.

I'll be blogging how we fasted, what we drank & what times of the day!



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