• Polly (Lila) Behringer

Finding your Passion

What is passion... and is it really necessary?

I spent some time looking for a blog on passion. Most gave quotes of famous people talking about PASSION as a form of inspiration... But that's it... Spending any more time on looking for something on passion was ridiculous... So, I decided to write one myself.

WHY? Because I already knows what it is... I already know what it feels like to sound crazy when speaking from a passionate stance... I already know what it looks like to be open and vulnerable when speaking from my passion... I already know, that it can feel and look like a scary journey to TAKE THE LEAP into PASSION!

PASSION looks crazy from those sitting on the sidelines. We're all familiar with the sideline quotes.. and it's all relatable...

I define "passion" as... something that gets you out of bed when you don't want to... It's the driving force or sometimes the backseat driver to your 'WHY". It's when you decide to do more than what's expected of you; especially from yourself.. when you don't have to. It's the yearning to learn more, do more, excel, eat up the all the knowledge and still want more... You dive into it without questioning how deep or where's the shore. You love it and the risks. You talk about and every word comes to life transporting the listener to the exact moments where passion took a hold of you... You glow, breathe it in like air... adding years and depth to your life. It's the part that fuels you... It adds purpose to your life... and better to those around you.

PASSION is the part that will define you when someone is talking about you... Not that that's necessary... But it's something you'll be known for. It's key CREATING a BALANCED life.

Life is way too short to continue doing something for just a paycheck or someone else... It's too short to be racing, exhausted, stressed and feeling under appreciated... If that is happening to you... KNOW you are not living your passion... Find something, pick up a book, show up to a class... What ever you do... DO NOT LAY in bed... or on the sidelines any more... DO NOT talk about why you can't, your conditions, your reasons... DO NOT retell the stories of your life, imprinting them further into your mind & body.. DO NOT let those things that do not motivate you continue to run your life,



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