• Polly (Lila) Behringer

Unlocking the Power of Gratitude

How do you find it?

Here's a five minute exercise to help you find GRATITUDE in the ho-hum routines of everyday life.

1. Create a Treasure Map. Use a napkin, a sticky note, the back of a business card, on your to-go coffee cup. Just choose a small area to create on. This will allow you to feel less pressure to build something big and elaborate.

2. Choose a WORD that you feel will bring you to your most GRATUITOUS emotional state. WRITE it down...

3. Now use that word and start doodling on one area of the paper... You may choose to doodle the word on the right side of the paper.. or the left... Or maybe along the top half.. That is totally up to you.. Maybe only in the center. Your map, so it's your choice! There are NO RULES!

Doodle that word over and over again... Don't use lines, Don't use rhyme or reason... just write and rewrite that word in any size ..

4. Now write words that "at times" bring you out of this state of feeling grateful. example: you write

the word, KIDS. This doesn't mean you aren't grateful for your kids... But there are times, when you

want to just sit and read or hit up the local gym... BUT they have practice, and YOU have to drive them... Maybe the word, MONEY. Money the lack of or waiting for... can cause you to feel anxious and bring your energy down...

These words in #4 place our minds & bodies in AUTO-PILOT.

So pick up your pen and let it flow freely from NO where.. That place inside and outside of you... Those thoughts that float through us; move out and around us.

5. Now go back and look at your "treasure map" and see that the things take away can also add to us feeling grateful...

Keep your treasure map art piece... and over time... Go back and see if the words have changed... Use these words as clues to uncovering the Universe's Treasure waiting for you!

This is also a great way to keep a creativity journal. This doesn't add the pressure of "defining" our feelings... and instead just letting individual words assist us in defining our feelings.

Thank you for reading our blog!


Polly Behringer