• Polly (Lila) Behringer

Becoming a Magnet for Miracles

Daily gratitude brings your body back to its natural state. Gratitude can be measured and it has been... As our bodies put off energetic vibrations (energy), we emit this frequency into the space around us... Affecting & infecting tangible & intangible objects. After all, "matter" is energy.

It's not wizardry... It's not magic. BUT when you tap into this "higher" state of being... this "higher" vibration... "magical" things do being to happen.

But how?

EVERYTHING in the Universe is vibrational in nature... Our natural state of being is a PEACEFUL state... It's who we are deep down... Through our thoughts and feelings we are creating a "vibration" personal to ourselves... Chaos breeds (more) chaos (in your life). Regardless of the person's motives, behaviors or demeanor... IF I am a naturally happy person, but my life is chaotic... I will attract a person who is also vibrating at a chaotic state... Even if that person is not a good person, not kind hearted and ill tempered... Like energy attracts like energy. And CHAOS vibrates high... its like an undercurrent that can pull even the happiest of people under.

This is why we often hear, OPPOSITES ATTRACT... Attraction may outwardly appear as opposites on the outside; but the invisible vibrations that we are sending out are similar...

We drawn in what we put out. OUR lives is the mirrored reflection of our internal selves. If money seems fleeting and it never comes fast enough... or just "enough" its because of the vibrations we put out into the universe about money... The universe FEELS the vibrations of your thoughts... give me not enough aka "IT IS NOT ENOUGH..." or give me "JUST ENOUGH".

With the frequency of GRATITUDE... We can look a the the WORLD famous research of the power of word vibrations on water by Dr. Masaru Emoto. He discovered that LOVE plus the combination of THANKS and APPRECIATION reflected in the English word "GRATITUDE" creates the most important vibration.

He then taped words onto vials of distilled water and then froze the water. Under a microscope the vibrations of the words (with the intention of those words) created crystalized water molecules living their best and for some worst life! Angry words taped onto the water were a muddy color and they would not even form into crystals.

What we put out there... and how we put it out there is important to our physical, mental and emotional state of being! Remember our bodies are made up to and for some over 60% of water.

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Polly Behringer

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