• Polly (Lila) Behringer

6 Steps to GRATITUDE

GRATITUDE in advance is the most powerful creative force in the Universe... and that force is within each of us... Tap into it... and run away from the ones who tap into you!

Energetic Vampires are people who tap into your energy and leave you feeling drained... How is this possible?!

Ever know someone who always seem to be in the state of anger, sadness, confusion, seeking advice, counsel or your time... And after leaving them, you FEEL exhausted and drained... A few days later, they're back for more... just as you've begun to feel like yourself again. THAT IS AN ENERGETIC VAMPIRE!

The energy we cultivate is a personal and private practice each of us do every day. Just by the "manner" in which we embrace the day (wake up in the morning) sets the TONE for the manner in which we approach our lives, events, obstacles... and even view ourselves.

Ever hear of the expression of, "Waking up on the wrong side of the bed"? This is a prime example of how we unknowingly set our days in motion through the energy we are bringing into the day. SO HOW DO WE CHANGE THIS?.

So, let's start here. Let's begin at the beginning... At the beginning of YOUR day.

  1. Set your alarm 45 minutes earlier than usual. Use a soothing "alarm" sound. This sets the tone. If you're worried about over sleeping, set a second alarm at your regular time. View your first alarm as a way to wake yourself for YOUR day... YOUR time... YOUR life...

  2. Spend the first 3 minutes following your breath in and out. Keep thoughts at bay by bringing your mind back to your breath... INHALE... EXHALE & let go... Repeat...

  3. Spend the next 7 minutes in bed, Visualize the LIFE of your dreams. See yourself on the beach watching the sun rise or scaling the side of a mountain watching the sun peak around the rocks. Visualize yourself in a life that makes you feel ALIVE!

  4. Now JOURNAL... Let your mind wander in any manner it wants. Spend the next 15 minutes writing whatever comes to you... No rhyme or reason & above all... DON'T edit yourself. Don't edit your thoughts. Don't create some sort of story... Just unleash your thoughts onto 3 pages.

  5. Spend the next 5 minutes sitting in silent MEDITATION. (if your mind wanders, bring your attention back to following your breath).

  6. Take the last 15 minutes Watch the sun rise, catch up on some reading or enjoy a cup of coffee. Do anything you want...

This short daily practice will move you from living in AUTO-PILOT to to becoming more present and allowing the power of GRATITUDE to flow through you.

Let us know how this practice is working for you! Go onto our IG page and comment on our DAILY GRATITUDE POST letting us know how each day is challenging or changing you!

Namaste! Polly Behringer


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