• Polly (Lila) Behringer

Am I too Old to Live a Life of Adventure?

"IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY"... to begin.

BUT it can become too late to do the things you’ve been waiting to do the WAY you want to do them! Wake up before the sun rises and sit with yourself. Take a walk around the block. Meditate in your favorite chair. Venture to a local yoga studio and do YOGA (not the kind you’re use to). Go out into the world ALONE the way you came into it... lungs full of air, body full of life.. unafraid & on your own! It’s an old familiar saying: * IT’S NEVER TOO LATE * YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD BUT that is the mentality of believing you have all the time in the world to do ALL things you’ve been putting off... THE KEY is know at what LEVEL do you want to have that experience... You can still see Base camp at Mt Everest... or take a plane to see it. Now define the experience (above ) by answering a few questions. 1. How long did I prepare for the journey? 2. Did the preparation build up or add to the experience? Did you learn something about yourself during the preparation process? 3. Did the experience of the adventure stimulate all your senses? Did you feel the exertion & elation of the journey? LIST the differences between our imagined scenario of taking a plane ride & physically experiencing the climb to base camp. EVERY WEEK, I’ll be making it my mission to bring to the forefront why waking up EARLY is going to be the KEY to SUMMITING your own MT EVEREST.. even if it’s (only) to BASE CAMP! 🕉 Namaste, Polly (Lila) Behringer