• Polly Behringer, Meditation & Yoga Teacher

Energy, Frequency & Vibration

You want love? You got it! You want money? You got it! You want a life of ease? You got it! Getting what you want is simple... And here's why.

The Power of Change has been within you all time! You have everything you need (pointing towards your heart).

The heart's magnetic field is the strongest rhythmic field produced by the human body. It envelopes every cell of your body and extends out of you in all directions into the space around you.

Get this!... When your energy is fueled from a place of gratitude, joy, love and peace; it has the power to change the energetic properties around us... even our physical environment.

MOST PEOPLE vibrate at 250, a point of neutrality. Largely due to energy blockages in our bodies & negative conditioning. We block ourselves from higher vibrations (love, joy, peace) and our true potential.

When we vibrate at 500 and above our lives change on a drastic scale. There’s a shift within us. Like tectonic plates of the Earth, we can shift our physical & emotional life.

When we do this our stressors, pains, and struggles begin to change too. Our vision of our life changes as we unconsciously begin to manifest the life we want... A life of ease, love, completion, joy & peace. HOW DO I DO THIS: Begin by simply blessing those around you... Because it is easier to give blessings to others than to accept it ourselves. Begin there... Say, “I bless you with love & light. I bless you with pure source energy.” Repeat this blessing several times with conviction.

AND HOW DO I DO THIS: Say it with gratitude.

BUT HOW DO YOU DO THAT: Think of moment when you just received something. Use that feeling

to fuel your words. GIVE blessings freely to people you see, think of, passing you on the road & standing in line in front of you. When you give it freely, it becomes easier to give. And when it becomes easier to give, you’re heart and mind work together creating an agreement; a fast track super highway between the words and heart. Aligning your mental and emotional (energetic motion) selves.

Then we begin sending those similar blessings to ourselves...


  • Say " I bless myself with love & light. I bless myself with purified source energy."

  • Imagine this source energy from the cosmos coming down through you filling your body up. Imagine the Earth's energy coming up through your feet filling you up and meeting at the center... in your heart.

  • Visualize a column of light all around your body moving into your heart.

  • Repeat to yourself, "I bless myself with love and light. I bless myself with purified source energy." with love and conviction. FEEL that this statement is true.

Energy communicates through energy while we communicate through words. So make sure you are not sending out mix signals of energy...

When we match our blessings, heart energy... manifesting our future through meditation is naturally next on your bucket list to create personal wealth.

I bless you with love and light... I bless you with purified source energy,


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