• Ariel Cullison

Meditation 101

Do you find yourself in a life that doesn't feel like it's yours? Have you looked in the mirror and wondered who that person is staring back at you? Read on and learn simple ways to recover and reclaim your life, your loves, your time... and yourself.

Do you give away energy, time... & pieces of yourself away to others freely?... and then later wonder why you did it... or worse feel bad about doing it? Do you practice the idea, there are many more of your tomorrows to live... to give away...

But there are no more tomorrows, no yesterdays not even a today. This moment doesn't really exist... But how can this be?..

These moments string together and connect; lighting up a part of our brain creating a sensory story. Each time we access these moments, the connection becomes stronger.

If I became extremely depressed... the likelihood of me becoming depressed is again is even higher than before... And with each depression, my brain automatically sends electrical surges triggering these feelings. It's like your emotions are on a long drive... at night... through the mountains of your brain. You're a lone car on this brain highway and you come to a crossroads. One way is certain, you've taken it many times before. The road is neatly paved & worn... It's smooth driving; so you continue on.

You have the ability to take these moments happening right now into nothingness. Taking these moments beyond what is known (how we see things) into the unknown, the Great Nothing... the greatness of No-Thing... absent of being something... Allowing it to blossom into a fullness beyond its initial state.

In meditation, you have the power to transcend beyond where you "believe" you are... and feel the possibilities of being not only enough... but more than what you believe you could ever be... just by removing all the walls.

What walls?... In this meditation you will learn to access the power of absence... The ability of removing ourselves... removing where we are... our surroundings; the home your living in, the cubicle your spending hours working in, the building where you work.

MEDITATION: Sit quietly on the floor. Place your hands on your knees and palms up. This position makes you much more receptive. You may also feel a sense of vulnerability; and thats ok. I would recommend utilizing the Boddhi mudra (yoga hand position below) with both hands, rest the back of your hands on knees and palms facing up for a deeper, heightened and more relaxed meditation practice.

With a tall spine imagine the crown of your head being pulled upward with an invisible cord towards the ceiling (or the universe). Take the tip of your tongue and place it at the top of your mouth behind your front two teeth. You may have heard of chi and and somewhat familiar with acupuncture; the placement of your tongue at this point is like pressing the on button to the big super computer of your body and brain... It's the area where two of the eight extraordinary meridians meet... By adding the tongue position, you maximize this meditation experience.

PRANA / BREATH: Breathe into your nose, feel it move down your throat and into your lungs and then belly. Allow

your belly muscles to expand, moving your belly forward. Exhale through your nose and let it go... Let your belly return to its natural position and relax.. Take another breath in.... and then let it go. Repeat this several times feeling the rise and fall of your chest. Your upper back may become sore; this is normal as you use more of your lungs to breathe deeply and fully.

Method: This mudra is performed by touching your thumb to your pinky finger, while holding your other three fingers straight. This mudra is used for mental clarity. You perform this gesture when you need to understand intuitive messages from your subconscious (i.e., dreams or meditations that puzzle you). One of the most powerful benefits of this mudra can be found in the improvement of communication, such as improving internal and external dialogue.

As you begin to settle into your breath; I want you to take your attention and refocus it on your body. Now imagine your body sparkling, shining... like glittering particles of energy... See and feel your body disappear. Next focus your attention on where your sitting and what ever your sitting on in the same way... Now imagine only the land under you... and remove that in the same way. Now imagine the city you're in... Repeating each time; seeing things shine, sparkle, glitter and transcend into energy... the continent... the planet Earth... and so on... See the Earth shine, glitter and disappear... Now the stars... other planets... and now the universe.. until it is total blackness, darkness, emptiness... Except it's not empty. It's not a void... It is pure energy... encompassing the “all” that we knew, don't know, the familiar and unfamiliar....

Once you realize the place you're in is just just energy, you can begin to remove each object until there is nothing... you are nothing... and the whole of emptiness is empty at all... but you are one with everything and No-Thing. Stay in this No-Thing, this darkness, as long as you can... Being present, letting things come to you... and letting things leave.

When you come back... come back slowly.. be aware of your breath... be aware of the air around you... Be in awareness.... I always recommend, documenting your meditation and out of body travels. Over time you will begin to see patterns. You'll notice changes in how you feel, how people treat you and you view your daily world.

Thank you and Safe Travels, Polly

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