Yoga Nidra & Trauma / Tension Release

The RESET Class

This is a powerful reset class of your body & mind.  You'll feel a sense of euphoria at the completion of the class along with feelings of being physically and mentally lighter. 


This combination class of both the Yoga Nidra & Trauma / Tension Release.  This class is perfect for athletes, first responders & those living / working high stressed lifestyles.  Although this is not a physical class, we begin by getting your body moving with a few active moments then lead into Yoga Nidra followed by Trauma / Tension Release.  This class is not recommended for ages under 18yrs old.  

Yoga Nidra, the Yogic Sleep

This deep relaxation & stress relief approach to addressing more than just the physical body.  It approaches the five bodies... or layers of self known as koshas. 


When incorporated into a regular Integral Yoga class, it is the focal point.  Fifteen minutes of the yoga practice is about going deep into relaxation.  An hour of Yoga Nidra is equal to 4 hours of DEEP DELTA SLEEP.  This is the type of sleep where it a person is difficult to wake.  It's also the brainwave where RECOVERY happens within the person.

Each of us has five bodies, one encased by the next, similar to a succession of Russian Matryoshka dolls.  Starting from the outermost layer and moving through the layers to the core of the self, each body is made up of increasingly subtler degrees of energy: from the physical body, to the energetic body, to the mental body, to the wisdom body, and finally, to the bliss body.

However, unlike a series of Russian dolls, the five bodies cannot be taken apart and separated. These layers are interwoven, interrelated, and interactive—what happens on one level affects all layers of the body.


People that participate in a Yoga Nidra class leave feeling very peaceful and fully rested and overall feeling of calm and openness.

Trauma / Tension Release

This portion of a class allows your body to naturally shake and release trauma / tensions stored in your body.  Trauma whether physical or emotional is stored as tension in the muscles, tissues & organs of our bodies leaving our bodies tight and restless.  

Each session builds off the last one allowing you to release the traumas / tensions on a deeper level.  When done in a class setting with other individuals, the POWER of LIMBIC RESONANCE is present.  

West Village Apartments


  • RESET class is held every Wednesday

  • Begins at 6:30pm - 7:30pm

  • Entrance is grey door between The Plant Shoppe & and the leasing office doors of West Village Apartments Studio on the 3rd floorMust be present between 6:10pm - 6:25pm for access into the building and 3rd floor.

  • Bring a mat & small blanket (you may get cold during Yoga Nidra)

  • Cost is $15 via Venmo @Polly-Behringer or Cashapp $PollyBehringer

  • 10% of proceeds go to Pit Bull Ranch of Oklahoma


I thought it was great... and I loved the teachers energy and knowledgeable she was in explaining things....  I think it was a great overall experience that is beneficial.


I couldn't believe how at peace I felt after the class.  I've been attending these sessions for a few years.  As an athlete, I incorporate it as part of my recovery plan to reset my body and my mind at the same time.


After attending my first class, I feel lighter.  I stand a little taller.  I just feel better... I feel like nothing is weighing on me. I truly enjoyed the experience.


Attend a Class

Weekly RESET: Yoga Nidra & Trauma / Tension Release classes every Wednesday at the West Village Apartments in downtown Oklahoma City.  Limited Class size. Contact us for details or visit our

FB page, RESET: Yoga Nidra & Trauma / Tension Release