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I've been in the business of helping people for almost a decade.  I've coached youth, teens and adults.  My favorite part of coaching is the training... the training I've done to get me here.  Where is here?  It's that place where you're 100% comfortable with the knowledge and training you've investing your time & money in.  It's that place where it's no longer all about the body... It's about the mindset too.  Community support and accountability is one of the biggest factors to not only getting fit, but STAYING fit. 

I have some big goals to meet and deciding to do this will allow me to reach them through holding myself accountable too!


  • Monday, 6:30pm: Bodyweight Training

  • Tuesday, 6:30pm: Weight / Endurance Training with free weights & Kettlebells.  Core Work

  • Thursday, 6:30pm: Weight / Endurance Training with free weights & Kettlebells. Core Work.

  • Saturday, 10:30am: Steel Mace: Strength & Endurance Unconventional Training.  Some Saturdays will have Box N Burn workouts.

  • When this class time fills up, I’ll be adding another time at 5:30pm.


  • All payments will be made ONLINE before attending. It’s important that I streamline this so I know when someone is beginning and when some is due. This is a weakness of mine and something I need to work on. I’m a real softy... which messes up my finances.

  • You’ll have the option to pay per class (drop in rate) or purchase a 4 week pass to all the classes. IF you purchase a 4 week pass, will still need to RESERVE your spot. The 4 consecutive week passes will be at a discounted rate.

  • RSVP!  The "Book your Class" feature allows people to reserve their space in a class.  ❓Why do you need to RESERVE your spot? By doing this, you are committing to showing up... and holds you accountable to your goals. It also allows others to come to class if there is room available because you were unable to come.



  • once a month weigh in, body fat % and measurement ONE DAY a month.

  • You can’t manage what you don’t measure... and you don’t know how far you’ve come.. if you don’t know where you started!



  • Once a month goal setting meet up

  • Everyone will get a sheet whether you attend this meet up or not.



  • of some sort with some sort of gift. (I just like gifts... so I’ll figure this out.)



  • selfie spot in the gym of some sort... Because it’s important to toot your own horn! 



  • We'll have a once a month social event.  

  • Meet up for a light dinner & dancing.


  • This tool is a huge part of meeting your GOALS ➕ it’s cool to see yourself on the big screen...

  • It’s not like a fit bit or counting your steps.

  • You’ll have the option to buy the MZ3 you can do anywhere not just in class or the MZ1, which will only work in the garage gym.


❤️ If you like this concept - PLEASE SHARE the wealth and invite a friend by buying them a Drop In Rate pass! I know I’m not alone in knowing having support is key to change & transformation!




Pay through Website*

higher due to processing fees


No fees


No fees

Location of Garage Gym is in Okc

Address will be sent to you via FB messenger after payment & email confirmation